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What types of weather are good and bad for doing these things?

Example: Skiing. It’s bad to have mild and warm weather when snow melts. It’s good to ski on cold, clear days.

1. Planting flowers in the garden.
2. Making a snowman.
3. Camping out in a tent.
4. Doing the sights of a city.

5. Going out in a small boat.
6. Skating.
7. Taking your little brother or sister out to the zoo.
8. Gathering harvest.

On a December morning two suitcases which belong to Mr White and Mr Black fell open at the airport and their things got mixed.2 Mr Black is going to India and Mr White is going to Norway. Both of the passengers are going to celebrate Christmas with their families. Help them to collect their things.

a) Make a list of things for each man.
b) Explain your choice.

Example: The trousers belong to Mr Black because they are light summer trousers, and the skiing cap belongs to Mr White because it is the right time for skiing in Norway.

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