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Complete the situations saying you would like other people to do the things you don’t want to do and specify1 them.

Example: I don’t want to speak to Mr Winston. I want … .
I don’t want to speak to Mr Winston. I want my granny to speak to him. I want her to speak to Mr Winston on Monday.

I wouldn’t like to enter this college. I would like … .
I don’t expect you to finish the job. I expect … .
I don’t want to write a letter to John. I want … .
I don’t expect to look after Nelly’s cat. I expect … .
I wouldn’t like to invite Stephen to our party. I would like … .
I don’t want to pay for the ticket. I want … .
1 to specify — уточнять

Read the headlines and match the beginnings of the stories with them.

1 school record — школьная характеристика

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