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After doing ex. 1 and ex. 2 decide who in your class knows the country (and its people) best. Let him be a visiting professor from New York and ask him:

why Washington, D. C. is a special city;
what oceans wash the US in the east and in the west;
what he can tell you about the Statue of Liberty;
what he can tell you about the American flag;
when the story of the “Wild West” began and why people went west;
who native Americans are and what their life in the USA nowadays is like;
when and why Americans began to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

It is useful information.
What wonderful advice!
What long hair!
It is fresh milk.
What fine weather!
What big money!
What clean air!
It is such tasty water.
What interesting work!
It is such necessary news.
It is such great progress.
It is important knowledge.

Countables in the singular

It is a poor answer.
It is an easy job.
It is such a lovely flower!
She is such a nice girl!
What an interesting trip!
What a dangerous road!

Countables in the plural

They are short stories.
These are attractive ideas.
They are such funny boys.
What clever animals!

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