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Name three:

• people who have influence on you
• things that can ruin the harvest
• vegetables that we usually grow in greenhouses
• things that are fragile

• towns situated on the coast
• huge things
• parts of human body
• things that we burn to warm our houses
• makes1 of cars produced in Russia

Listen to the dialogue, 8, and say which is colder: the South Pole or the North Pole.

At the zoo
A: Just look at that great white polar bear! Isn’t it nice? I think it looks absolutely like a big soft toy.

В: It does, doesn’t it? A toy indeed! For your information it’s one of the strongest animals in the world and very fierce2.

A: Is it? An animal with such funny button eyes and thick soft fur?

B: Don’t be silly. And speaking of the fur, though it’s thick I can’t understand how the polar bear can live in the coldest place of the world.

A: This is where you’re making a mistake. North only sounds colder than South.

B: What do you mean?

A: Actually, the little penguins of the Antarctic live in a colder climate than the bears of the Arctic where the temperature is a few degrees higher.

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