Страница 24 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 6 класса Учебник Афанасьева О.В. Михеева И.В. Часть 2.

Решение заданий 12, 13, 14 со страницы 24 из учебника по английскому языку для 6 класс Афанасьева, Михеева. Часть 2.

12. a) Read the text on the postcard and say who wrote the postcard, to whom and why.

b) Say if you think it is a good idea to send such cards to people to thank them for their kindness, help and hospitality.1 Why?

13. Speak about the tradition of sending postcards in Russia. Say:

14. Postcards are usually short.

Write a postcard to your friend about the place that impressed you most in England.

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