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We decided to spend an evening watching TV. Here’s what we found out about Russian TV.

Spotlight on Russia looks at what’s on television

Did you know that TV in Russia is similar to TV in other European countries? We didn’t know what to expect when we read the programme guide. Then we saw Russian versions of lots of familiar shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Russian TV also has a lot of soap operas, as in almost every other place in the world, and we even recognised some soaps from the UK!
Russian television has over tty channels on the air and these are both public and private. One of the most popular channels is Channel One, where you can see The Voice. This is one of Russia’s most popular reality shows.
We saw lots of adverts for variety shows and comedy shows. These are very popular. Russians really like to laugh and they enjoy watching funny sketches and stand−up comedians. One of these kinds of programmes is the popular KVN. It is one of the best programmes to watch if you want to understand Russian humour. Even though we didn’t understand the language it was very funny to watch.
Of course there are also lots of American and European films on television. In fact, with so many different types of programmes we found it hard to choose!

• Do you like watching television? Why or why not?
• What TV programmes are popular with your family/friends?
• What kind of programmes do you usually watch on TV?

• Imagine there’s a teens’ channel on TV. Have you got any ideas for a TV programme? Write and tell us about it!

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