Страница 52 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Spotlight Ваулина Ю.Е. Модуль 5

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a) Look at the pictures. What do they have in common?
b) Listen and repeat. Which of these sentences are used by: a person asking for instructions? a person giving instructions?
• Can you help me send an e−mail?
• This is how you can send an e−mail.
• That was easier than I thought.
• Now connect to the Internet.
• Make sure you click on ‘send’ when you finish writing.
• Got it! What’s next?
• Sorry, can you say that again?
• You may also select an e−mail address from your address book.

Use sentences from Ex. 1b to complete the dialogue. Listen and check.
Cathy: Mark, do you have a minute?
Mark: Sure, what do you need?
Cathy: 1) _ .
Mark: No problem, Cathy. First of all, turn on your computer.
Cathy: All right.
Mark: 2) _ . Then access your e−mail account.
Cathy: 3) _ .
Mark: Click on ‘Create a message’ and type it in. 4) _ .
Cathy: Anything else, Mark?
Mark: Oh, yes. Include the e−mail address of the person you are sending it to!
Cathy: Thanks, Mark. 5) _ .

a) Put the pictures in the correct order to show how to send an e−mail.
b) Use the pictures to help you act out a dialogue similar to the one in Ex. 2.

Portfolio: Use the instructions below to act out a dialogue about sending an SMS. Use Ex. 2 as a model. Record yourselves.
• switch on your mobile phone
• go to the menu on your phone
• choose MESSAGES
• write your SMS
• select SEND
• key in the mobile number of the person you’re sending the text to and choose SEND again.

Listen and tick (√), then repeat. Think of more words.










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