Страницы 36-37 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Spotlight Ваулина Ю.Е. Модуль 4

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James took the pictures 1−5 yesterday afternoon at 6 o’clock. What was each person doing? What type of media was each person using?
John was reading a text message on his mobile at 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

What does each type of media provide us with?

• TV
• Radio
• Newspapers & magazines

• local/national/international news
• daily horoscopes
• interviews
• weather reports
• interesting articles
• music
• TV guide
• cartoon strips
• chat shows
• advertisements
• celebrity gossip
• fashion and beauty advice
• documentaries

a) Look at the layout and titles of texts A−D. Where could you see them?
b) Listen and read. Which text is about:
• a brave pet?
• an amazing success?
• an unwanted visitor?
• a beast and a brave man?
Explain the words in bold.
A woman from Vancouver, Canada, came home from work one day to find herself in the middle of a real−life nursery rhyme! Paula Green is now called ‘Goldilocks’ by her friends after finding a hungry bear in her kitchen.
The two−year−old brown bear was eating Paula’s porridge, so she quickly went into the next room and called for help. Eventually, the baby bear finished his meal and ran off into the forest. Luckily, there was no sign of a daddy or mummy bear!
A deadly scorpion found on a kitchen table caused panic for a family in Wales.
Michelle Smith, 42, thinks the scorpion came into her house inside a bag of grapes she bought at the supermarket! While the rest of the family were hiding, Mrs Smith’s husband bravely caught the beast.
A dog was called a hero after he came to the rescue of his eight−year−old owner – just like in the film Lassie.
James Thomas broke his leg when he fell into a river. Realising he was badly hurt he called his dog ‘Buddy’ who amazingly pulled him to safety. James was recovering in hospital yesterday but can’t wait to get home and say ‘thank you’ to Buddy!
D. News Text Alert: Sport
A player for a Lincolnshire football team broke a record when he scored 16 goals in a match yesterday. ‘I was just playing my best for the team,’ he said.

Use the headlines to make notes using the headings: who – when – where –what. Use your notes to tell the class what each news item is about.

Read the theory box below. Is it the same in your language? Find examples of the uses in texts A−D.

We use the Past Continuous to describe: a) an action in progress at a specific time in the past, b) an action in progress when another action interrupted it.
He was watching TV at 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon. (When? At 6.00 yesterday afternoon.)
He was cooking when there was a power cut.
Time expressions used with the Past Continuous:
while, when, as, all day, yesterday at 5 o’clock, etc.

Use the ideas to ask and answer questions about the people in pictures 1−5.
1. Laura/read the newspaper/6 o’clock?
A: Was Laura reading the newspaper at 6 o’clock?
B: No, she wasn’t. She was sending emails.
2. John/read magazine/6 o’clock?
3. Sue/send text messages on her mobile/6 o’clock?
4. Tony/send emails/6 o’clock?
5. Mary/watch TV/6 o’clock?

Ask and answer questions about what you were doing last Saturday at the times below.
• 7:00 am
• 12:30 pm
• 2:30 pm
• 5:00 pm
• 9:00 pm
A: What were you doing at 7 o’clock on Saturday morning?
B: I was … .
A: What were you doing at …?

Now I can …
• talk/write about hobbies
• talk/write about physical appearance and character
• talk about people’s jobs & hobbies
• write a description of a person
• write an e−mail about a tourist attraction in my country
• write a short text about history
in English.

Portfolio: Write a news story about something important that happened in your area last week. Collect information using the Internet. Present it to the class.

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