Страница 6 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Spotlight Ваулина Ю.Е. Spotlight russia

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We wanted to know more about school life in Russia so we looked at some school magazines. Here are some of the pictures from our favourite one given to us by our friend, Igor from a school in St Petersburg.

Spotlight on Russia gets some ideas from school magazines!

The school basketball team is improving and recently came third in a local competition. This picture was taken at one of the training sessions.

This looks like it was fun! The children had a fancy dress party to celebrate the beginning of the school holidays.

The school regularly holds writing and poetry competitions. This competition was for poems written in English. Below is one of the winning poems.

The school took part in an international campaign to save tigers from extinction. The children made posters and sent them to the United Nations. Other schools around the world sent posters as well.

This is a school trip to a forest. Year 7 got to spend a day exploring and learning all about the creatures and plant life of the forest. Our friend, Igor went on this trip. He enjoyed it and learnt a lot about nature.

The green leaves have fallen again,
and come to rest below these feet.
Their colour is darker and their colour darkens,
to brown shades and yellow gold
that are found upon this road.
The cold snow is touched by warmth.
The earth’s love makes fire
to fill the woods with memories
of brighter days, warmer than before,
The green leaves are born again.
M. T. Age 16

• What news can you read about in a school magazine?
• Have you got a school magazine? What can someone read in it?
• What else would you put in your school magazine?

• Do you write poetry? Write one in English, or translate a Russian poem into English and read it to the class.

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