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Match the words in the two columns. Can you add more words in each category?


material, shape, pattern
round, square, rectangular, oval, checked, polka−dot, striped, plain, paper, wooden, plastic, metal, silver, leather, woollen, cotton, velvet

Use the table in Ex. 1 to describe some of the items (1−7) you bought to your partner.
I bought some square striped velvet cushions.

Who is the e−mail from/to? What is it about? Listen, read and check.
Hi Wendy!
Greetings from New York. It’s great here. I’ve been shopping all day and I’m really tired, but at least I have finished buying presents now. It’s so difficult to find something for everyone!
The easiest person to buy for was my little brother, Tim. I bought him a silver robot. He’ll love it! It walks, talks and does tricks! I had more trouble finding something for my dad, though. He seems to have everything already! In the end, I bought him a brown leather wallet. His old one is falling apart. My mum likes everything I buy for her, so I got her a lovely silver picture frame. I’ve also found some striped cushions for my grandma. I hope she will like them!
I’ve bought a present for you, too. I won’t say what it is though, as that would ruin the surprise.
See you in a few weeks,
Answer the questions. Then act out a telephone conversation between Angela and her mum about the presents she has bought for each member of her family.
1. What has Angela been doing?
2. What did she buy for her little brother?
3. Why did she buy her dad a wallet?
4. Who doesn’t mind what present they get?
A: Hi Mum. It’s Angela.
B: How are you sweetie? We’ve been missing you.

Portfolio: You are on holiday in England. Collect information using the Internet, then write an e−mail to a friend (50−60 words). In your e−mail write:
• where you are
• how you like it
• what you have been doing
• what presents & souvenirs you have bought
• when you are coming back

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