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Listen and repeat. The sentences are from a dialogue about donating money to an environmental organisation. Which sentences does the representative (R)/the caller (C) say? Listen and check.
• How can I help?
• I’m interested in making a donation.
• A monthly donation, please.
• Would you like to become a member?
• How much does it cost?
• How can I pay?
• Could I take your name and address, please?

Read the dialogue. Complete the donation form.
Rep: Hello, WWF. How can I help you?
Matt: Hi. I’m interested in making a donation.
Rep: That’s great. Do you want to make a one−off donation or would you prefer to make a regular monthly one?
Matt: A monthly donation, please. Let’s say £25 per month.
Rep: That’s very generous. You know that includes free membership, don’t you?
Matt: Oh really? And what are the benefits of membership?
Rep: You get our magazine every three months and regular post about our campaigns.
Matt: Good. That’s great. How can I pay?
Rep: Let me give you our bank account details. It’s Barclay’s Bank, Account No. 39582957831. Could I take your name and address, please?
Matt: Certainly. My name’s Matt Russell and I live at 34 Scarsdale Road, Bromley, Kent.
Rep: Thank you very much, Mr Russell. You’ll receive the latest issue of the WWF magazine and a welcome pack soon.
Matt: Thanks a lot. Good−bye.
(please tick √)
Regular √ £ 1) _ per 2) _
Name: 3) _
Address: 4) _
Method of Payment (please tick √)
5) Credit Card
Direct Debit (Bank Account)

Portfolio: You have seen the advert below and want to make a donation. Use the sentences in Ex. 1 to act out a dialogue. Record yourselves.

Form verbs from the adjectives below. Use them in sentences of your own.

We can use −en at the end of some adjectives to form verbs: dark – darken





Listen and tick (√), then repeat. Think of more words.










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