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Listen to the extracts and match them to the types (genres) of music. Which is your favourite type?
A. rock
B. pop
C. jazz
D. classical
E. rap
F. funk
G. soul
H. heavy metal

Choose the words/phrases that refer only to music.
• singer
• script
• acting
• plot
• sound effects
• lyrics
• music charts
• cast
• role
• special effects
• songwriter
• variety of plot
• Top 5
• musical instruments
• great songs
• popular single
• emotional voice
• latest album
Use the chosen words to make sentences about your tastes in music.

Look at the text. Is it a CD cover? a review of a CD? the lyrics to a song?
Read the text and complete the factfile.
Artist: Adele
Genre: _
Best single: _
Number of copies sold in 1st week of release: _

Adele, 25
‘25’ is a great album by the young British alternative pop/rock star Adele. She is very well−known all around the world and it is easy to see why! This talented singer and songwriter inspires teens all around the world with her great voice, emotional music and moving lyrics. She is sure to be around for a long time.
The most famous song from the album is ‘Hello’, a genuine song about relationships. It was in the music charts for months and sold over 1 million copies in the US in its 1st week of release. The album is fantastic and full of great songs.
Listen out for more from this bright, young star. She will rock your world!
Rating: ★★★★★

a) What adjectives does the critic use to describe:
• the singer
• the singer’s voice
• the singer’s music
• the lyrics
• the song
• the album
b) What are the synonyms and opposites of these adjectives? Make sentences with them.

Study the table. Form adjectives ending in −ful or −less from the nouns (1−5). Check in your dictionaries.
Use the adjectives in sentences of your own.

noun + −ful = quality a person/thing has.
helpful advice
noun + −less = quality a person/thing doesn’t have.
useless speech






Portfolio: Think of your favourite CD. Complete a factfile like the one in Ex. 3b, then write a review of it. Use the review in Ex. 3 as a model (40−60 words).

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