Страницы 86-87 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Spotlight Ваулина Ю.Е. Модуль 9

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Categorise the foods/drinks in Andy’s and Bill’s shopping lists under the headings. Add one more to each category. Which of these foods are high in fat or sugar?
Low−fat yoghurt is a dairy product.
dairy products
nuts & seeds
cereal, grains & pasta
herbs & spices
fizzy drinks
Shopping List
low−fat yoghurt
olive oil
wholemeal bread
chicken legs
frozen peas
low−fat milk
brown rice
Shopping List
white sugar
frozen chips
a bottle of cola
a packet of crisps
frozen pizza
a tub of ice cream
lamb chops
white bread
a bar of chocolate
salt & pepper
Look at the people’s shopping lists. Which person has got a healthy diet?

Complete with: box, can, carton, bottle, cup, tin, packet, jar. What other foods can you usually find in each container?
1. a _ of cereal
2. a _ of water
3. a _ of honey
4. a _ of tea
5. a _ of sardines
6. a _ of crisps
7. a _ of cola
8. a _ of milk

Look at the title of the quiz. Which of the phrases do you think best describes you? Complete the quiz and check. Then explain the words/phrases in bold.
Are you a junk food junkie or a health food nut?
1. You’re always starving when you get home from school! What snack do you choose?
A. A bowl of cereal or a banana.
B. It depends. One day a few biscuits, the next day a piece of toast!
C. A bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps.
2. You’re having lunch in the school canteen today. What do you choose?
A. Grilled fish with rice and vegetables.
B. A tuna and mayonnaise sandwich and a small ice cream.
C. A hamburger, some chips and a can of fizzy drink.
3. There isn’t any food in the house, so you decide to order a takeaway. What do you order?
A. A grilled chicken burger and a salad.
B. An Indian curry with rice.
C. A family−sized pizza and a bottle of cola.
4. Your parents send you to the supermarket to buy a dessert. What’s in your basket?
A. Some yoghurt and a jar of honey.
B. A carton of low−fat ice cream.
C. Double chocolate cake and cream.
Your score
Mostly A’s: What a nut! You always make excellent food choices. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself once in a while!
Mostly B’s: You’re neither a junkie nor a nut! You know that a little junk food doesn’t hurt, but you don’t go over the top!
Mostly C’s: You’re a total junk food junkie! Choose the healthy option from time to time otherwise your health will suffer!

Read the examples. Which words do we use with countable/uncountable nouns? Which do we use in affirmative, in negative sentences, and in requests? Make sentences using them.
1.We’ve got some juice. We haven’t got much sugar. We haven’t got many apples.
2. There aren’t any/are no apples.
3. There are a lot of bananas in the fridge.
4. Is there any milk?
5. Can I have some crisps?
6. I’ll have a little/some cream with my cake.
7. Let’s buy a few/some peppers.
You want a snack. Discuss what there is to eat with your partner.
A: Is there any milk?
B: Yes, a little. Are there any …? Etc.

Complete the sentences using the correct particle.
1. Alan took _ his sunglasses before he dived into the pool.
2. I’m taking you _ for your birthday.
3. A burger to take _, please.
4. There was a hole in the shirt so I took it _ to the shop.
sth off (remove a piece of clothing, etc.)
sth back (return sth you bought)
sb out (invite sb out with you)
away (order food and take it with you)

Portfolio: List all the foods/drinks you have had in the last two days. Has your diet been healthy? Write a short paragraph about it.

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