Страницы 38-39 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Spotlight Ваулина Ю.Е. Модуль 4

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Read the headlines. How do they make you feel? (excited, surprised, sad, happy, worried, interested, curious, shocked)

I feel happy that a boy rescued his sister from a fire.

Read the first exchange. What do you think the interview is about? Listen, read and check. Which of the headlines in Ex. 1 goes with it?
Reporter: Good evening, Mr Shiao. I’m from the Hong Kong Herald. Can you tell me what happened to you in your taxi today?
Mr Shiao: Well … it was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I was driving home …
Reporter: Go on …
Mr Shiao: … when suddenly something flew down from the sky and hit my car. I was surprised!
Reporter: Wow! What was it?
Mr Shiao: A huge turtle!
Reporter: That’s unbelievable!
Mr Shiao: I know! I stopped the car and got out. The turtle was lying on the ground and two people were running towards it! They looked very worried!
Reporter: Who were the people?
Mr Shiao: The turtle’s owners. It seems that the turtle was crawling on the balcony of their tenth floor apartment when it fell off onto my car.
Reporter: Oh dear! That’s terrible! So how was the turtle … and your car?
Mr Shiao: Well, the turtle was fine but my car was badly damaged.
Reporter: How do you feel now, Mr Shiao?
Mr Shiao: Well, I’m still a bit shocked!
Reporter: I’m not surprised! What a story, Mr Shiao! Thank you for sharing it with us!
Read again and complete the reporter’s notes. Compare them with a partner.
When? At 1) _ .
Who? 2) _ .
What? Turtle 3) _ onto a car.
How? Turtle was 4) _ when it 5) _ .
Result? Car 6) _ but the turtle was OK.
Mr Shiao feels 7) _ .
Use the notes to tell your partner what happened.

Choose a headline from Ex. 1 and make up an interview similar to the one in Ex. 2.

Complete the sentences with the appropriate phrasal verb. Mind the tenses.
off (1. (of food) go bad; 2. make a loud noise)
on (continue)
with (match)
1. This sweater _ really well _ your trousers.
2. The cat jumped onto the car and the alarm _ .
3. _ . I didn’t mean to interrupt.
4. Put the meat in the fridge or else it’ll _ .

What are the verb forms in bold? Match the sentences with their uses (a−d).
1.He was having a bath when the phone rang.
2. She left the house at about 7 pm yesterday.
3. I was cooking while Tom was reading.
4. She was sleeping at 6 pm yesterday afternoon.

a. two actions that were happening at the same time in the past
b. an action happening when another action interrupted it
c. an action which was in progress at a certain time in the past
d. an action which happened at a specific time in the past
Find examples of uses (a−d) in the interview.
Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or Continuous form of the verbs in your notebooks.
1.Mr Shiao _ (drive) his taxi when a turtle _ (fall) from a balcony and _ (hit) his car.
2.Timmy _ (fly) his kite while Bob _ (eat) a sandwich.
3.At 6 o’clock yesterday they _ (fly) to Moscow.
4.She _ (call) an hour ago.

Use the language box to discuss the headlines in Ex. 1, as in the example.
A: Did you hear that a boy rescued his sister from a fire?
B: That’s amazing. When was that?
A: Yesterday afternoon. Etc.

Telling news
• Did you hear about/that …?
• Listen to this …
• You won’t believe this.
• I’ve got some good news to tell you.
• Wow!/Really?
• What a story!
• That’s amazing/unbelievable/great. Etc.
• Oh dear! That’s terrible/scary!/How awful/horrible/dreadful! Etc.

Portfolio: Make a front page for your school newspaper. Write the headlines. Use the Present Simple. Include pictures.

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