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Look at the pictures. What do you think the news article is about? Listen and check.

1. A group of students came up with the idea of making a school club to help save the environment. Tanya Brunton, Alicia Morton, Gina Montgomery, Clive Forsyth, Jim O’Sullivan and Carl Johnson created the Nature Madness Club and won the award for the best student work.
At first their club only had 30 members, but word soon got around that Nature Madness was fun and less than a month later they had over 300 students. Now, they are thinking of asking for the help of students from other schools.
2. Nature Madness members took part in lots of after−school activities. They took classes to find out about pollution, recycling and conservation. The whole team helped to make the classes more interesting by using pictures and videos and so on. After that, the members organised different events and activities such as recycling or clean−up days, planting trees, and helping stray animals.
3. The mayor gave each student a gold medal for their good work. Their teacher, Barbara Mac Alpine, said at the ceremony, “I’m very proud of my students. They show that you don’t have to wait until you’re grown up to do important things.”
Read and match the topics to the paragraphs.
• summary of the event
• comments
• the facts in detail

Choose the best headline for the article.
Fun at the club
Mayor honors teens for green work
Which things about these students impressed you? Explain the words in bold.

Listen to the reports. Which is about:
a pop concert?
a fashion show?
a demonstration?
football finals?
Number them in the order you hear them.
Listen again and make notes about the:
• people
• place
• highlights
• atmosphere
Choose a report and give the class a short summary.

Work in groups. Choose one of the events from Ex. 3. Take the roles of the presenter, reporter and participant of the event, and act out your dialogue.

Portfolio: Skim through this week’s local newspapers and find an interesting piece of news. Write a news article (80−100 words).
• summary of the event
• the facts in detail
• comments

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