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Russian children have lots of fun at summer camps. We visited one last month and we had a great time.

Spotlight on Russia visits the International Children’s Computer Centre.

The International Children’s Computer Centre (ICCC) in Kukhmar in the Yaroslavl region is a world−famous camp for developing young people’s computer skills. It started in 1986, and in 1988 it became a UNESCO associated school. Children come here from all over the world.
At the camp there are many activities such as horse riding and boating. Apart from the computer classes, there are classes in English, German and French, History, Art, Ethics, Ecology and even Zoology. There are plenty of sports to take part in too, such as badminton, hockey, football, skiing and tennis. Children can also take part in theatre and dance clubs, play in musical bands and go on excursions to the local town of Pereslavl−Zalessky.
The computer classes are for all levels of ability, from simple computer ABC’s, such as using the Internet and sending emails, to computer algebra, digital sound editing, programming and advanced graphics. All the children who go to the ICCC have a great time and make lots of new friends. Here is what some children said about their time there.

‘I’ve learnt so much about computers during my time at the camp. Everyone was really friendly. Thanks!’ John Gorman, Perth, Australia

‘Thank you so much for having me this summer. It was a great experience.’ Dimitri Papadopoulos, Athens, Greece

‘Thanks very much for a life enriching experience. The friendships that I’ve made will stay close to my heart!’
Jane Alder, Surrey, England

‘I don’t really like computers so I thought that a computer camp would be really boring, but I had an amazing time! I met so many special people and there were so many fun things to do and learn. It is a magical place and I’d love to come again.’ Polina Tumanova, St Petersburg, Russia

• Is a holiday at a camp like ICCC fun or is it work?
• What can you add to the camp description from the pictures?
• Imagine you are at the camp. What would you like to choose?

• Write us about the best summer camp you have come to.

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