Страницы 46-47 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Spotlight Ваулина Ю.Е. Модуль 5

Рассмотрим ответы на Страницы 46-47 из учебника по английскому языку для 7 класса Ваулиной
Look at the pictures and the texts by schoolchildren. How are they related to the title of the unit?

1.I’m sure life in 2100 will be very different. The earth will be so polluted that we won’t be able to live on it anymore. It will be difficult to find clean water and lots of animals and plants won’t exist anymore. I think we will live in glass domes in underwater cities and will travel in special mini−submarines.
Mark (13)

2. I think life will change for the better in 2100. Everyone will have a robotic housemaid that will do all the housework and look after the kids. We will also have robotic teachers and if you don’t want to go to school, you won’t have to because there will be online schools.
Jennifer (13)

3. I think that we will be able to take holidays on the moon in 2100. A moon shuttle will travel from the Earth to the moon in only a few hours. There will be moon hotels where people can stay, and moon zoos where we will see strange creatures. People will wear special suits that keep them on the ground. But I’m not sure everyone will have enough money to go on a holiday to the moon.
Jake (14)

4. I believe we will have flying cars and we will be able to fly around cities. If we have flying cars, there won’t be any traffic jams. I also think that there won’t be any petrol left, so we will use another fuel that won’t cause pollution. It will be better for the planet.
Brad (14)
Which of the following can you see in pictures (1−4)?
• online schools
• special suits
• glass domes
• flying cars
• underwater cities
• robotic housemaids

Read the texts and choose the best answer, A, B or C. Explain the words in bold.
1.Mark thinks that the earth will be
A. covered in water.
B. very dirty.
C. cleaner than today.
2. Jennifer believes there will be robotic
A. teachers.
B. kids.
C. houses.
3. Jake thinks that not everyone will
A. want to go on holiday to the moon.
B. be able to go on holiday to the moon.
C. live on the moon.
4. Brad thinks that flying cars will
A. use a new kind of fuel.
B. cause pollution.
C. create traffic jams.
Which prediction do you think will come true? Discuss with your partner.

Read the rules in the theory box.

• We use will to make predictions about the future based on what we think or imagine. We often begin our sentence with the words: I think, I’m sure, I believe.
I think life will be very different in 2100.
• We use the Present Simple after if and when, not the Future Simple.
if/when + Present Simple
If/When I go to Spain, I will take lots of photographs.
NOT: If/When I will go to Spain, … .

List the predictions in the texts. Which are affirmative/negative?

Ask and answer questions.
1. people/go on holiday/to the moon?
A: Will people go on holiday to the moon?
B: I (don’t) think they will. They will …
2. people/drive/flying cars?
3. computers/talk?
4. time travel/be/common?
5. people/live/in underwater cities?

Put the verbs in brackets into the Future Simple or the Present Simple.
1. If people _ (invent) new fuel, cars _ (not/pollute) the air.
2. When John _ (come), we _ (go) to the park.
3. If he _ (have) free time, he _ (go) to the art museum.
4. If you _ (exercise) more, you _ (feel) better.
5. If we _ (be) lucky, we _ (go) on a holiday to the moon one day.

Complete sentences 1−4 with will or won’t. Listen to John making predictions about the future and check.
1. I’m sure robots _ do most of the housework.
2. There _ be many plants and animals left on the planet.
3. I think the earth _ be very polluted in 2100.
4. If we continue to pollute the earth, there _ be any clean water left.

Complete the sentences with the correct phrasal verb in the correct tense.
after (take care of)
forward to (wait for with pleasure)
up (search for in a book)
for (search)
1. We’re really _ our summer holidays this year.
2. Who will _ your little brother when your parents are at work?
3. A: What are you _?
B: My history textbook.
4. I’ll get the dictionary and _ the words I don’t know.

Portfolio: What are your predictions for the future? Use the ideas from Ex. 1 as well as your own to write a short text similar to the ones on p. 46. You can draw pictures.

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