Страница 97- ГДЗ Английский язык 7 класс Учебник Биболетова, Трубанева

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1. Listen and write down the answer.
Аудио к заданию:
− Now we are ready to start. And, Ben, that reminds me… can I ask you for some help?
− I’ll certainly help if I can. What is it? The Maths homework again?
− No, not this time. I’m managing so far.
− What’s it then?
− I’m doing a project in Geography. And I want to prepare some slides for the presentation. You are very good with the computer and it’ll take you minutes.
− Depends on what you want to be on your slides. Animation, sounds, special effects?
− Yes, I’d like all of those.
− No problem. I’m pretty curious what sort of presentation you are making. You know I’m fond of everything that refers to Geography and History.
− I don’t like History. Probably because I never remember names and dates. But Geography is interesting. I dream of travelling and it’s somehow related.
− Yeah!
− When can we go down to the presentation? How about this afternoon?
− No, there’s a football game on the sports channel. I can’t miss it. Let’s do it tomorrow right after the swimming pool. Are you going to swim tomorrow?
− Sure, we’re getting ready for the competitions. Remember?
− I certainly do. The coach says we – the boys team – have a good chance of winning.
− Are you saying the girls team is any worse?
− No, no, certainly not. I know that you are a great swimmer, a great skater and a very promises snowboarder. But let’s get back to your presentation.

2. Listen and choose the correct option to complete the statement.
Аудио к заданию:
My parents decided to move house and I had to change school because of that. The new school is not fun at all. Unlike my former classmates these students are very concentrated on their studies. The lessons are stressful – no chatting at all. If you’re late the teacher may not allow you in to the class. And we write tests every day. If you miss a test you have to do it anyway after the classes. I would be glad to go back to my old school but it’s too far from the place where I live now.

3. Listen and mark the statement as true or false.
Аудио к заданию:
Bulling is still a problem at school. And sometimes we call names and shout and then cry. There can be unfair punishement when the teacher punishes the wrong person, not the one who was really guilty. When I feel in trouble, I usually try to discuss the thing with my parents or friends, or with both. Sometimes they give good advice, sometimes they just listen to me, but that also helps.

4. Read the text about Chiswick School. Four sentences have been removed from the text. Choose from the sentences A − E the one that fits each gap (1 − 5). Fill in the table.

5. Read the advertisements for the Chiswick School clubs. To answer questions 1 − 3, write down the letter of the advertisement (A − D). There is one advertisement you don’t need to use.

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