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38 Listen, read and act out.
Patrick: Have you ever spoken at a large meeting?
Marina: Yes, I have.
Patrick: When did it happen?
Marina: At the end of the last school year. It was a meeting with our exchange partners from the UK.
Patrick: Did you speak Russian or English?
Marina: I spoke English. But it was not easy.
Patrick: Have you ever spoken at an international meeting?
Sergei: I’m sorry to say I haven’t. I have never been to any international meeting before.
Patrick: So it’s the first time you are doing it today, isn’t it?
Sergei: Yes, it is. I’m a little nervous. Russian is the only language I speak really well.
Patrick: It will be OK. Good luck.
Sergei: Thank you.

39 Study the example and translate the following sentences into Russian.
She has neither brothers nor sisters. = She is the only child in her family.
1) Alice is the only child in her family.
2) I’m afraid, it’s the only solution to the problem.
3) You are the only person I can share my secrets with.
4) He’s the only singer with such a fantastic voice, isn’t he?
5) Which is the only country in the world that occupies a whole continent?

40 Read the dialogues. Transform the sentences in italics using “the only”.
— Have you got a sister or a brother?
— Unfortunately I have neither sister nor brother.
— Do you speak German or French?
— I speak neither German nor French. I speak English.
— Have you been to Asia?
— I haven’t travelled much. But I visited China.

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