Страница 58- ГДЗ Английский язык 7 класс Учебник Биболетова, Трубанева

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22. Write down and remember 3 forms of the following verbs.
23. Put the verbs given in brackets in the Present Simple Passive.
24. Complete the sentences.
25. Translate into English. Use the Passive Voice.
26. Copy the following word combinations. Underline the adjectives.
27. Do Ex. 77 on page 52 in written form.
28. Write a short essay about the vital and crucial problems of the 21st century. Use the information in Ex. 78 on page 53 and the following guidelines
29. What ten questions would you ask a person who likes travelling? Write them down.
30. Look back at the texts about the means of transport popular in Britain and the USA. Complete these brief stories.
31. Write a short story about the means of transport popular in your city.
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