Страница 77- ГДЗ Английский язык 7 класс Учебник Биболетова, Трубанева

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69. Match the words. More than one word is possible.
70. Do you have a uniform in your school? Give your reasons in favour of and against school uniform. Use the words and expressions
71. Look at the pictures.Act out the dialogues between: a) the teacher and the girl; b) the boy and the teacher.
72. a) Design your own ideal uniform for small children or for older students. It should be modern, convenient, not expensive, nice and fashionable. b) Present your uniform design to the class and comment on it. Prove that it is suitable for your school.
73. Work in groups of 3 − 4. Discuss what’s the reason of having schools only for boys or girls. Would you like to study in schools of that type?
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