Страница 24- ГДЗ Английский язык 7 класс Учебник Биболетова, Трубанева

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72 Listen, read and act out.
Mrs Smith: Hello!
Paul: Hello! This is Paul. Can I speak to Steve, please?
Mrs Smith: Hang on a moment, Paul. ГИ get him.
Steve: Hi, Paul! What’s up?
Paul: Hi, Steve! Good news! You answered the questions for the World Teenagers Competition, didn’t you?
Steve: Yes, you helped me then. We both tried our chances.
Paul: Well, we’ve won it! What luck!
Steve: That’s great! It was a chance in a million. There were so many participants. Really, we’ve been lucky.
Paul: So get ready for the tour. We’ll have an unforgettable trip.
Steve: Sure. Touch wood, and keep your fingers crossed.
Paul: OK. No problem.

Talking on the telephone
Saying your name:
This is Helen. / Its Martin here.

Asking to speak to someone:
Can I speak to Wendy, please?

Passing the call to the right person:
Hang on a moment, Jane. I’ll just get her.

Giving a message:
Can you tell him Martin called?
Can you ask him to call me back?

73 Work in pairs. Read the situations and dramatize the dialogues.
1. Your elder brother Steve is playing computer games in his room. His friend phones him. Ask Steve to speak to his friend.
2. Your sister Ann is playing tennis in school. Take a phone message from her friend.
3. You are at your friends party. Phone home and tell your mother that you’ll come home later.

74 Read and learn.
Каждая цифра номера телефона произносится отдельно: 25916 — two five nine one six;
57402 — five seven four oh two; 38861 — three double eight six one.

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