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1. Listen to the interview with Angela and choose the correct answer.
Аудио к заданию:
Now we are ready to start.
− Thank you, Angela, for finding the time for this interview. I do reports for the teenage magazines “Celebrities” and I’m sure our readers will enjoy meeting you and will be interested in what you think about sports opportunities in our town.
− I was delighted and very much surprised when you called me and asked for an interview. I’m another reader of your magazine. I like reading your articles about windsurfing and water skiing and there was a very interesting article there about a tennis tournament.
− Right, Angela, but today we are going to talk about your sport which is cycling.
− OK, yes. I do some sport that doesn’t sound very exciting – the bicycle is not that impressive as a surfboard, is it?
− Oh, I can’t agree.
− Nobody in my family has ever had a bicycle. Sounds stranges, doesn’t it? But a couple of years ago a friend of mine offered me a second hand bicycle. Her brother went to college and didn’t need it anymore.
− And was that how it all started?
− Yes, we started cycling along the park lanes, then some other friends joined us and we arranged several cycling excursions. This summer we are going to a sports camp not far from our town, in the countryside, where we’ll be preparing for the International Cycling Marathon.
− Oh, when and where will it take place?
− The Marathon? Not very soon actually, in a years time. But my coach says it’s just the time I need to get into a good shape if I want to have a good chance to win. Practicing is very important. Or, otherwise, you can easily get injures while cycling long distances. The Marathon will take place in France and I feel very excited about it.
− I understand you. And why didn’t you take part in the competition last week? We expected you to win an award there.
− Oh, it’s a sad story. I got a very bad cold right before the competition. I had a temperature and had to spend a week in bed. I was definitely too weak to compete.
− Oh, what a pity!
− Yes, I also had to miss my exam in French because of that stupid cold. And will have to take it in a couple of weeks with another class.
− You’ll manage, I’m sure.

2. Read the text and choose the correct answer.

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