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Grammar 2
How…? questions
1 Translate the questions into your language.
How…? questions
How big is Lake Superior?
How high are the Niagara Falls?
How far is it from the east to the west of Canada?
How cold is it in Nunavut in winter?
2 Match the questions with the answers.
1 How old is your school?
2 How fast can a cheetah run?
3 How tall are you?
4 How long is an Olympic swimming pool?
5 How hot is it here in summer?
a) About 1 metre 70 centimetres.
b) About 20 years old.
c) 35 degrees.
d) About 100 kph.
e) 50 metres.
3 Write questions about the two amusement parks. Use these words.
How high
How fast
How far is Port Aventura from Barcelona?
Port Aventura
80 km from Barcelona
opened in 1995
Star ride:
Hurakan Condor
height: 100 metres
speed: 110 kph
Parque warner
25 km from Madrid
opened in 2002 Star ride:
Superman rollercoaster
height: 50 metres
speed: 100 kph
4 Work in pairs. Ask and answer.
How far is Port Aventura from Barcelona?
It’s 80 km.
must / mustn’t
5 How do you say these words in your language?
must / mustn’t
We use must for obligation.
We use mustn’t for prohibition.
6 Look at the signs and match the rules with the pictures.
1 You must respect the plants and flowers.
2 You mustn’t camp.
3 You must use the litter bins.
4 You mustn’t make a fire.
5 You must close the gates.
6 You mustn’t feed the bears.
7 Write rules for this ride. Use must or mustn’t.
buy a ticket
You must buy a ticket.
1 be more than 1 m tall
2 take photos
3 sit down
4 eat or drink
5 carry a bag on the ride
Pronunciation: must/ mustn’t
а (90) Listen and repeat.
You must have a passport.
You mustn’t use a mobile on the plane.
B (91) Listen. Do you hear must or mustn’t?
Текст аудирования:
1 You must have a ticket.
2 You mustn’t smoke on the plane.
3 You mustn’t take more than one bag.
4 You must take your passport.
8 Your voice Write rules for your classroom.
You mustn’t use mobile phones.
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