Тест 4В- ГДЗ Тесты (TEST BOOKLET) по английскому языку 4 класс Быкова, Дули SPOTLIGHT

На этой странице рассмотрим все ответы на Тест 4В из тестов по английскому языку 4 класс Быковой
Look and match.
e.g. crocodile a
1. hippo
2. seal
3. monkey
4. whale
5. giraffe
6. lizard

Read and complete.
January, e.g. February, March, 1) _ , 2) _ , June, July, August, 3) _ , 4) _ , November, 5) _ .

Read and choose.
e.g. I always tidy / am tidying my room.
1. Koalas climb / are climbing trees.
2. Why do you run / are you running?
3. Mary never is waking / wakes up late.
4. Sue and Bob have / are having a guitar lesson every Saturday.
5. Look! She is dancing / dances!

Read and complete.
e.g. Elephants are fatter (fat) then tigers.
1. Giraffes are _ (tall) than elephants.
2. Monkeys are _ (clever) than hippos.
3. Snakes are _ (long) than lizard.
4. Dogs are _ (big) than birds.

Read and choose.
e.g. You must / mustn’t eat in class.
1. You must / mustn’t always do your homework.
2. You must / mustn’t talk in class.
3. You must / mustn’t put your rubbish in the bin.
4. You must / mustn’t listen to music in class.

Read and choose.
A: What’s Mum making?
a) She’s making a cake.
b) She makes a cake.
A: When’s your birthday?
a) I’m seven.
b) In December.
A: Do you usually listen to music in the evening?
a) I’m listening to a CD.
b) Not always.
A: Look at the giraffe!
a) It’s eating from a tree!
b) This is an animal.

Read and complete.
Elephants are very large and heavy. They can be 7.000 kilos. They are very clever too. They live in Africa and Asia. They have very long teeth called tusks, and a very long nose called a trunk. They have their babies every four years. They eat plants and live about 70 years.
name: e.g. elephant
lives in: 1) _
and 2) _
has babies: every 3) _
eats: 4) _
lives for: 5) _

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