Тест 1В- ГДЗ Тесты (TEST BOOKLET) по английскому языку 4 класс Быкова, Дули SPOTLIGHT

На этой странице рассмотрим все ответы на Тест 1В из тестов по английскому языку 4 класс Быковой
Choose the correct word.
e.g. mobile phone / camera
1. hairbrush/ watch
2. guitar / radio
3. roller blades / shoes
4. helmet / hat
5. keys / CDs

Look and write.

Write the numbers.
e.g. 32 thirty−two
1. 97
2. 34
3. 86
4. 100
5. 57

Read and choose.
e.g. _ you play the guitar?
a. Can
b. Are
1. He _ swim very well. He’s only two years old.
a. can’t
b. can
2. Look! Steve _ .
a. skiing
b. is skiing
3. Betty _ . She is reading.
a. isn’t playing the violin
b. plays the violin
4. Jenny _ . She can skate really well.
a. are skating
b. is skating

Fill in: under, on, in, next to, behind.
e.g. The helmet is behind the armchair.
1. The gloves are _ the bed.
2. The camera is _ the drawer.
3. There are roller blades _ the armchair.
4. The keys are _ the armchair.

Read and match.
e.g. Can you skate? d
1. What are they doing?
2. What does your brother look like?
3. Is your uncle from England?
4. What’s your friend’s house number?
a. They’re swimming.
b. Fifty−eight.
c. Yes, he is.
d. No, I can’t.
e. He’s short and slim.

Look, read and write yes or no.
e.g. Linda is swimming. yes
1. Brad is riding his bike.
2. Larry is eating a sandwich.
3. Joe and Peter are playing soccer.
4. Cindy is listening to the radio.
5. Mark is singing.

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