Тест 2А- ГДЗ Тесты (TEST BOOKLET) по английскому языку 4 класс Быкова, Дули SPOTLIGHT

На этой странице рассмотрим все ответы на Тест 2А из тестов по английскому языку 4 класс Быковой
Look, read and match.
e.g. He’s a postman. F
1. He’s a mechanic.
2. He’s a baker.
3. He’s a greengrocer.
4. He’s a waiter.
5. She’s a nurse.

Make sentences as in the example.
e.g. baker
1. waiter
2. mechanic
3. teacher
4. postman
5. nurse
post office
bake bread
fix cars
take letters to people
help sick people
serve people
teach pupils

e.g. A baker works at a baker’s. He bakes bread.

Read and make sentences.
e.g. she / sometimes / tennis / Does / play
Does she sometimes play tennis?
1. often / John / Sundays / goes / theatre / to / on / the
2. go / They / usually / twice / park / the / week / a / to
3. often / do / play / baseball / How / you ?

What does Susan have to do? Read and complete.
clean her room √
make her bed √
wash the dishes X
go to the supermarket X
feed the dog √
cook dinner X
e.g. Susan has to clean (clean) her room.
1. Susan _ (make) her bed.
2. Susan _ (wash) the dishes.
3. Susan _ (go) to the supermarket.
4. Susan _ (feed) the dog.
5. Susan _ (cook) dinner.

Look, read and match.
• basketball game 7:30
• Sue’s birthday party 9:15
• guitar lesson 6:45
• soccer match 6:15
e.g. What time is the soccer match? b
1. What time is the basketball game?
2. What time is Sue’s birthday party?
3. What time is the guitar lesson?
a. At half past seven.
b. At quarter past six.
c. At quarter to seven.
d. At quarter past nine.

Read and answer.
Uncle Jack is a waiter. He works at a café in Silverwood. Uncle Jack wears a uniform when he works. He serves people. A lot of people go to the café he works at. I think my Uncle Jack is great!
e.g. What does Uncle Jack do? He’s a waiter.
1. Where does he work?
2. Where is the café?
3. Does he wear a uniform at work?
4. What does he do in the café?

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