Тест 4А- ГДЗ Тесты (TEST BOOKLET) по английскому языку 4 класс Быкова, Дули SPOTLIGHT

На этой странице рассмотрим все ответы на Тест 4А из тестов по английскому языку 4 класс Быковой
Look and match.
e.g. elephant – a
1. lizard
2. crocodile
3. seal
4. hippo
5. giraffe
6. whale

Read and complete.
e.g. January, February, 1) _ , April, May, June, 2) _ , 3) _ , 4) _ , October, 5) _ , December.

Read and choose.
e.g. I always tidy / am tidying my room.
1. Look! She is feeding / feeds the lions.
2. John never is waking / wakes up late.
3. Monkeys climb / are climbing trees.
4. Bob and Kelly have / are having a piano lesson every Saturday.
5. Why do you laugh / are you laughing?

Read and complete.
e.g. Elephants are fatter (fat) than tigers.
1. Dolphins are _ (clever) than whales.
2. Horses are _ (tall) than dogs.
3. Cats are _ (big) than mice.
4. Tigers are _ (fast) than dogs.

Read and choose.
e.g. You must / mustn’t play soccer in your room.
1. You must / mustn’t eat in the class.
2. You must / mustn’t clean your teeth every day.
3. You must / mustn’t eat too much chocolate.
4. You must /mustn’t listen to your teacher.

Read and choose.
A: What’s Mum making?
a) She’s making a cake.
b) She makes a cake.
A: Look at the seal!
a) This is a seal!
b) It’s clapping!
A: Do you usually listen to music in the evening?
a) I’m listening to a CD.
b) Not always.
A: When’s your birthday?
a) I’m eight years old.
b) In July.

Read and complete.
Giraffes are very tall animals. They can be from 4 to 5.5 metres tall. They live in Africa. Giraffes have their babies during the dry months of July and August. They eat tree leaves and live for about 10−15 years.
name: e.g. giraffe
lives in: 1) _
has babies in: 2) _
and 3) _
eats: 4) _
lives for: 5) _

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