Страница 59- ГДЗ Английский язык 6 класс Учебник Вербицкая. Часть 2

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15. Read the texts again and answer the questions.
1 Why is Charles Babbage remembered as ‘the father of the computer’?
2 Who is the biggest worry for computer companies?
3 Do people use floppy disks today?
4 Can computer games be more real?
5 When was the first electronic computer made?
6 What are the biggest computers called?

16. General discussion. Do you use a computer? What do you use it for? In your opinion, are computers a good or a bad thing?

17. T114 Listen to the conversation and say who prefers laptops — Mike or David?
Listen again and say how the boy explains his preference. What are the advantages of a laptop in his opinion?

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