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10. Read these situations. What advice would you give to these people? There are some phrases to help you in the box.

11. Look at the list of arguments for and against computers. Make brief notes under the headings For and Against in the table in your Workbook (concentrate on the underlined words).
T112 Listen to Matthew and Jody. Who is for and who is against computers?
Listen again. Which of the arguments in your list do they use? Write M (Matthew) or J (Jody) next to the argument in the second space in the table.

12. Read these paragraphs that summarize the points against using computers.
I’m against using computers for a number of reasons. First of all, I think that people often become dependent on computers and couldn’t exist without them. Secondly, I think computer users often become more isolated from others, because they spend all their time in front of a monitor and never talk to people directly.

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