Страница 36- ГДЗ Английский язык 6 класс Учебник Вербицкая. Часть 2

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14. T093 Listen to the kids giving their opinions of school uniforms. How many positive opinions and how many negative opinions have you heard?

15. T093 Listen to the kids again. Who says the following?
A I like casual clothes.
В My school uniform is smart.
C. School uniforms cost a lot.
D In uniform, everyone looks the same.
Listen to the kids again and make some notes in your Workbook. Then tell the class what these Bristol schoolchildren think of school uniforms.

16. In pairs, read the school rules about uniforms. Match names 1-6 with uniform items A—F in the picture (Exercise 14).

17. Do you wear a uniform? What do you think of school uniforms? Write your opinion for The RAP article.

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